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Truth is in the Binary

FIND TRUTH IN YOUR BINARY is a free trial solution that enables OEMs, developers, and everyday consumers to quickly and easily scan for open source software in their embedded applications and IoT devices. identifies SambaCry, Devil's Ivy, Heartbleed, Ghost and Venom, among more than 91,000 known security vulnerabilities - helping to neutralize what industry experts see as an IoT security "ticking time-bomb.” is easy to use. OEMs and developers start by uploading an uncompressed binary file to the site. Any executable file created to run on 99% of existing computing platforms may be scanned - including smart phone apps people download from app stores. The service scans the software in just a few minutes. Users receive a report of the scanned software that includes the number of potential security issues and their level of severity. With this information, OEMs and developers can look to address the security vulnerabilities with patches or newer versions of the software.

Want to find truth in the binary?