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  • Transparency for the Software Supply Chain
    Leverage source and binary software composition
    analysis to identify risk in custom code, third-party binaries,
    and IT infrastructure.
  • Validate Vendor Risk
    Unlike traditional SCA tools, Clarity identifies risk in 3rd party
    software without requiring access to source code or violating license agreements.
  • Manage Security and License Risk
    Automatically map any SBOM to vulnerabilities and restrictive
    licenses to alert teams to weaknesses and conflicts
  • SBOMs for IT Infrastructure
    Complement vulnerability scanners by maintaining a continuous
    SBOM and vulnerability alerts for IT infrastructure – including cloud apps and containers


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Identify Open Source Risk in Source and Binary Code

Clarity scans source code, compiled applications, and IT infrastructure to identify open source components and produce a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). It provides a single resource for mapping internally and externally produced SBOMs to known security vulnerabilities and open source license risk.



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Scan almost anything, even without source code

In addition to traditional source-based scanning, Clarity offers binary SCA scanning that produces an SBOM by examining compiled code, including applications, embedded firmware, IT infrastructure, and containers.

Identify vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure

Clarity agents produce and maintain SBOMs and alerts on vulnerabilities in open source for operating systems, applications, and components running on systems managed by IT outside of the traditional SDLC.

More complete results

Clarity’s patented binary fingerprinting and matching algorithm performs better than the competition in customer benchmarks, identifying more open source libraries and having fewer false positives.

Manage all your SBOMs in one place

Produce and distribute a comprehensive SBOM for source and binary, cataloging third party software components and licenses. Import and export SBOMs in custom or standardized formats including SPDX and CycloneDX.

Developer focused remediation guidance

Clarity provides detailed information on all vulnerabilities in all versions of each component to help developers make informed decisions about how to address issues. Clarity provides information on whether the vulnerable portion of the component is used.

Information leakage detection

Clarity provides alerts when personal information, hard coded IP addresses or URLs, and unencrypted passwords are detected in a file.

Patent litigation alerts

In addition to license information, Clarity flags components which have been subject to litigation by so-called patent trolls who seek monetary compensation from alleged infringers.

Flexible deployment models

SaaS, on-prem, and hybrid deployment models to meet the needs of your organization.

  • “Equipped with advanced technical strength and professional service support,
    Insignary is the most valuable company we have encountered
    in the field of open source binary management.”
    Adler Wang, CEO of Beijing Maiyue Technology Co., Ltd.
  • “Having been in the Embedded Systems industry for 27 years,
    we at Grape Systems understand the risk of software deliverables
    in binary format. With IoT and connected cars emerging, Clarity
    will have a key role in securing internet connected edges.”
    Akihiko Nakagawa, Managing Director at Grape Systems
  • “By adding Insignary’s binary scanning capabilities to our comprehensive
    FOSS security and compliance portfolio of services, BearingPoint
    will be able to offer the most comprehensive services for increasing FOSS
    security and compliance to our European clients who can
    can enjoy the innovation, scalability, reliability, and other benefits
    of open source software without having to worry about
    the complex processes and tools for managing their software supply chain.”
    Matthias Loebich, Global Leader Production
    Industries at BearingPoint
  • “Clarity is essential - by scanning any binary or external
    module delivered without source code, it helps users avoid
    open source security vulnerabilities and license issues. Since
    implementing Clarity, we have been able to analyze
    and validate open source vulnerabilities in AhnLab
    products with greater confidence.”
    Kangbo Kim, Senior Researcher at AhnLab