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About Insignary


Insignary is the developer of Clarity, a specialized software composition analysis solution that helps customers gain visibility into the binary code they use by identifying known, preventable security vulnerabilities, while also highlighting potential license compliance issues. Clarity uses unique fingerprint-based technology, which works on the binary-level without the need for source code or reverse engineering. This makes it easy for software developers, value added resellers, systems integrators and security MSPs overseeing software deployments to take proper, preventive action before software delivery. Due to its unrivaled accuracy and extensive OSS coverage, Clarity has come to light as the optimal tool for customers with varying OSS management requirements, ranging from embedded software scanning to large scale IT infrastructure scanning.

We are backed by venture capital and have significant business and technical talent in our executive team, with extensive experience in the IT industry. The founding team specializes in open source software, compliance, and security.


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