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Insignary contributes to open ecosystem by joining Linux Foundation

Today Insignary announces that it has joined the Linux Foundation Silver Membership, the organization of choice for the world's top developers and companies to build ecosystems that accelerate open technology development and commercial adoption.

As part of its effort to work more closely with the open source community and to take its corporate social responsibility, Insignary joined the Linux Foundation as a Silver Member.

 “Security is of utmost concern for embedded software used in mobile, IoT and automotive industries. We help companies identify, prioritize and address Open Source compliance and security issues in the supply chain.” says Tae Jin (TJ) Kang, President & CEO of Insignary. “By Joining the Linux Foundation, we support key Open Source projects so that to help support the open Eco-system, which eventually will benefit our customers.”

"Insignary brings the industry additional capabilities to providing tools for open source compliance and security, which is an issue of growing importance for many organizations,” said Mike Woster, chief operations officer, The Linux Foundation. “This experience and dedication to improving open source principles and industry adoption aligns with the mission of The Linux Foundation, and we are proud to have them working on this issue."

Note to Editors


  • Since developing Hangul Processor 3, considered to be the first Korean word processing software in 1983, TJ Kang has worked for many software companies, most of them his own creations. In 1999, he moved to Silicon Valley and co-founded ThinkFree with the mission of delivering desktop software as a free Internet service. In a 2001 magazine interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned ThinkFree as a potential threat to his company second only to Linux. In 2006, PC World awarded ThinkFree the World Class award. The following year, ComputerWorld selected it as the best online office over Google Docs and Time magazine named it one of the 50 best websites of the year. Mr. Kang has been profiled in Fortune magazine, appeared on ABC News Ahead of the Curve, presented at numerous conferences. He was one of twenty “Web 2.0 Heroes” Bradley Jones interviewed for the 2008 book by the same title.
  • Leaving behind twenty five years of life in startups, Mr. Kang went on to serve as the head of the Service Incubation Office at Korea Telecom and then as the head of Media Service Team at Samsung Electronics before joining CJ Group in 2015, where he helped the group formulate digital transformation strategy.
  • Mr. Kang received an M.A. degree in cognitive psychology and a B.Sc. degree in psychology with a minor in computer science from the University of Toronto. He is a published author of two books of essays. Mr.Kang served on the Unicode technical committee and represented Korea at international standardization meetings on character encoding. He was instrumental in including full Korean language support in the Unicode character encoding scheme used by computers around the world. For his contributions to the computerization of the Korean language and to the Korean software industry, he received commendations from the Prime Minister of Korea in 1999 and 2006.

For more information about Insignary, our silver membership of Linux Foundation or our solution for monitoring the supply chain, you can contact us at anytime. You can also call us at +82-2-547-7167 during Korean office hours.


Insignary was incorporated in 2016 in South Korea. We own the IP behind the Binary Analysis Tool (BAT) and have exclusive rights to distribute BAT commercially. We are backed by venture capital and have significant business and technical talent in our executive team with extensive experience in the software industry, venture capital and business development. Furthermore, our founder team is specialized in open source, compliance and security. Our next generation solution is called Insignary Clarity.

The Linux Foundation is the organization of choice for the world's top developers and companies to build ecosystems that accelerate open technology development and commercial adoption. The Linux Foundation partners with the world's leading developers and companies to solve the hardest technology problems and accelerate open technology development and commercial adoption. For more information, visit