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Release Note: Clarity Version

The updates to the Clarity user interface, engine, and database are listed and described below.

Changes in Clarity Version

  • Upgrades:
    • Improved Linux Kernel detection with minimal module
    • Improved web GUI error handling
    • Improved automated vulnerability scanning feature
  • Clarity database updates:
    • All OSS components: 463,008
      • Added 35,389 new components
    • Unique OSS components: 49,391
      • Added 607 new unique components
    • Bug fixes

Deployed File Information

  • Docker image:
    • Clarity docker image (clarity.tar.gz)md5 4d1f135d47fc0b1609ffa0774c353a2c 
    • Clarity DB docker image (clarity_db.tar.gz) md5 faf83f3ccc698c73fb56f4911501f2f5
  • Package:
    • clarity_24_all.deb (ca5181694d81168e84ebc297f76ba297) 
    • clarity-extratools_24_amd64.deb (9ea90f2184677fa4136aa00f7dc77879) 
    • clarity-web_21_all.deb (8a622dc11758f0dbe84eea1f5b9f13a1)