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Identify Open Source Security and Compliance in Binary Code

Insignary is dedicated to making the connected world a safer place by providing insight into identifying security and compliance issues in Open Source code.

Analyzing Security Issues

Vulnerability Database, VulnDB Plug-Ins with manual identification support.

Automatically Identify Software

With AutoID and Open Source Software Fingerprint Database.

GUI & Command Line UI

GUI for ease of use Command Line Interface for making automatic execution by scripts easily.

Checking License Compliance

Exact Matches & Fuzzy Matches as well as manual identification support.

Remediation Management Module

Easily identify what's new, what needs to be patched and more.

Report Export

Get Security ID and Compliance ID reports in Excel, CSV, HTML or JSON format.

Clarity's Process

Clarity enables proactive scanning of embedded firmware or any binaries for known, preventable security vulnerabilities, and also identifies potential license compliance issues. Clarity uses unique fingerprinting technology, which works on the binary without the source code or reverse engineering, making it simple for companies to take proper, preventative action before the deployment of their products.

Extract binaries

Clarity extracts binary files from the firmware with the Unpack and Analyze workflow

Locate identifiers

Clarity locates identifiers such as strings, function, or variable names to compare against multiple databases

Increase fidelity

Information such as file names and package databases are used to increase fidelity

Detailled Reporting

Access security and compliance reports in customizable formats through a graphical user interface

Analyze security & compliance issues

Clarity helps companies identify, prioritize, and address potential Open Source issues around binary code in the supply chain.

Tailored to your needs

We designed Clarity to help support internal teams address supply chain issues effectively and securely.